These prints are currently available.

Contact me directly via my contact page, to arrange for payment and delivery options. Multiple note cards are also available.

Venmo, Paypal and Credit Cards accepted here.

They can also be special ordered for size and format and found in the GALLERIES section

in my MaJoR Images Print Shop.

MORNING FLIGHTS 36 x 24 canvas $285

SHORELINES 30 x 24 canvas $285

DEW CLEAR 20 x 30 gloss metal $295

FREEZE POPS 16 x 24 gloss metal $145

UNTITLED based on original work by Nate Rawlsky 36 x 24 x 1 print on Giclee' $325

PARALLELS AT THE RICE PADDY 20 X 14 canvas $140 (no logo)

KNARLES 40 x 30 canvas $295 (no logo)


Shipping will be charged at the shippers' calculated rate,

plus a $15 material/packaging fee.


Go old school with hand written notes using these 4x6 glossy note cards.

Packs of 4 with creamy envelopes. Limited quantities.

$8 ea. , $2 for shipping $7 for 4 or more, $4 shipping or local meet up. Venmo/Cash.

The majority of these photos can be ordered as fine art prints as well.